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 WHAT?! Animation too?!

 Here's a pencil test for Detective Hightop!


Dear Drew: Animated Short

Unlce Drew enemies

I got to design the characters and flesh out the simple animations for this animated short

featured on the Blu-Ray release of Uncle Drew. 

Young Unce Drew concpets
Check out the product shots of the
Viking Kight printed in Hi-Definition Black Acrylate.

Above: I created the world of High Fantasy TM  to offer a template for storytellers of all ages to imagine adventures through table top games.  

Sweet Tooth Concepts
Tolli Candy needed a odd tooth with a face that would be worn as a mask but need to function as a puppet.
SweetTooth practical puppet concepts
specifics of how the performance would be accomplished.
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Below: I wanted to re-design some of my favorite Marvel superheros with some very minimal costume design and stylized anatomy.

Below: I created these guys and over 100 other monsters for a cancelled iOS game.




Above: Sho-Nuff the shogun of Harlem


Below: I wanted to see what a rebooted line up of some of my favorite characters from the cult movie "Berry Gordy's The Last Dragon"

Above: Supernatural:The game - Mock Game Screen


Below: I wanted to put a pitch together for a game based on the CW television show "Supernatural" in a style inspired by the video game "Shank"

Below: Also included in my pitch were concepts for Downloadable Characters and and enemy types.


Above: The Bennett Family AKA "The Bionic Six"


Below:  I wanted to redesign one of my favorite cartoons form the 80's the "Bionic Six"

included are line ups for the Bennett family, the rougues and some development work.

Young Unce Drew concpets