WHAT?! Animation too?!

 Here's a pencil test for Detective Hightop!


Dear Drew: Animated Short

Unlce Drew enemies

I got to design the characters and flesh out the simple animations for this animated short

featured on the Blu-Ray release of Uncle Drew. 

Young Unce Drew concpets
Check out the product shots of the
Viking Kight printed in Hi-Definition Black Acrylate.

Above: I created the world of High Fantasy TM  to offer a template for storytellers of all ages to imagine adventures through table top games.  

Sweet Tooth Concepts
Tolli Candy needed a odd tooth with a face that would be worn as a mask but need to function as a puppet.
SweetTooth practical puppet concepts
specifics of how the performance would be accomplished.
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Below: I wanted to re-design some of my favorite Marvel superheros with some very minimal costume design and stylized anatomy.

Below: I created these guys and over 100 other monsters for a cancelled iOS game.




Above: Sho-Nuff the shogun of Harlem


Below: I wanted to see what a rebooted line up of some of my favorite characters from the cult movie "Berry Gordy's The Last Dragon"

Above: Supernatural:The game - Mock Game Screen


Below: I wanted to put a pitch together for a game based on the CW television show "Supernatural" in a style inspired by the video game "Shank"

Below: Also included in my pitch were concepts for Downloadable Characters and and enemy types.


Above: The Bennett Family AKA "The Bionic Six"


Below:  I wanted to redesign one of my favorite cartoons form the 80's the "Bionic Six"

included are line ups for the Bennett family, the rougues and some development work.

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